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Our Values 4 Industrial IoT

Good Data
Data Value
Better Decisions
More Time
More Value
Onsite Cloud
Data Shelter

IIoT Contact

from LAN, LoRa, NB-IoT, SigFox

Pocket Monitoring

Basic MQTT Gateway Solution
NO SIM & LAN/WAN version
Digital & Analog Inputs for Change of State and/or Alarm in Real Time or Timed Alert
Battery or 12/24 Vac Power Supply
Also Digital Input

IIoT Data.Hunting

OEM Extended Monitoring

MQTT with TLS/SSL support
Gateway OPC-UA client&server
Data.Hunting for Acquisition & Analysis
Push Notification & Telegram Warning
300+PLC communication protocols avaiable
Transmit data also to SCADA, MES or ERP systems

Easy & Fast


Models and Machinery lists
Alarm & Threshold management
Graphs & Widgets

Logical Flow
End User Side

Logical Flow
Customer Support

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